March 28, 2023

Books to help organize your IT business

Books to help organize your IT business

IT business is associated withstrong competition in which it is impossible to maintain leadership positions only through cash injections. Now it’s not enough to follow the trends, you need to use them correctly. We have compiled a list of diverse literature in Russian, which will help in this.

How to graze cats. A guide for programmers supervising other programmers

Posted by J. Hank Rainwater

Perhaps one of the best books for team leaders in Russian, which can be called a dictionary of difficult IT project management cases. Rainwater talks about the problems of working with team lead and methods for solving them. Most of all, the work will be useful to the leaders of small teams of 4-8 programmers who are simultaneously involved in various projects.

Books to help organize your IT business

Startup on the Web. Master classes by successful entrepreneurs

Authors: Feld Brad, Cohen David

This book collects the experience of entrepreneurs fromIT areas that have already brought to life what you are just about to. The authors have gathered the best advice from startups who have completed the TechStars business accelerator program. Entrepreneurs tell how to translate an idea into a digital product, how to improve it, how to make a product valuable and in demand for the consumer in order to get real profit. Also touched on issues with staffing the team and financing the project. To bring your business to the market, bypassing dangerous holes, you need to know the experience of those who have already done this before you.

David Cohen and Brad Feld create a business acceleratorTechStars for projects that are in an early stage of development. Authors daily face the problems of beginners and help them. According to Forbes, TechStars is on the list of top business accelerators along with YC, 500 Startups and AngelPad.

Books to help organize your IT business

Deep learning. Immersion in the world of neural networks

Authors: Kadurin A., Nikolenko S.

The first book of Russian authors about deepit was this edition that came out 2 years ago that became the training. Deep models turned out to be a tool that can be applied to everything: huge data sets, new architectures and learning algorithms, as well as increased computing power. Neural networks have become the engine in the breakthrough in speech recognition and computer vision, and the book describes in detail the whole history and the main components of the revolution in this area. At the same time, the authors tried as much as possible to explain the principles of operation of neural networks without huge blocks of code. The result was serious material about deep learning in a fun way.

Books to help organize your IT business

Abundance. The future will be better than you think.

Authors: Peter Diamandis, Stephen Kotler

Best-selling authors and futurists Peter Diamandis andStephen Kotler tried to solve the most global problems, including energy, poverty and hunger. Then they introduce the reader to the chronicle of the use of exponential technologies, with the help of which the most influential entrepreneurs of our time climbed to the top of the world business.

Entrepreneurial experience of Peter Diamandisreveals the reader's confidence in him. Peter is the founder of Space Adventures, the first space tourism company and co-founder of Zero Gravity. Stephen Kotler investigated flow conditions and founded the Flow Genome Technology Center. The authors collaborated on research into technological convergence and how it will reinvent every part of our lives — entertainment, transportation, advertising, education, healthcare, food, retail, and finance.

The book covers all promising areas: AI, robotics, VR, digital biology, the Internet of things, 3D printing, blockchain, as well as global gigabit networks. In addition to the opinion of the authors, there are notes from Ray Kurzweil, Farrell Williams and Tony Robbins.

Books to help organize your IT business

In foreseeable future. Ten new technologies that will improve or destroy everything

Authors: Kelly Weinersmith, Zack Weinersmith

Dilute the list of serious work booksrenowned cartoonist Zach Weinersmith along with explorer Kelly Weinersmith. A married couple talks about ten technologies that may turn out to be super-profitable in the near future. The book contains both own research and interviews with scientists about the practical component of achievements. At the same time, Weinersmiths chose completely different directions - from programmable matter to VR, from space elevators to robotic structures. Combining existing research and conducting interviews with scientists, the authors suggest a look at some possible options for the development of the world and offer options for putting them into practice.

Books to help organize your IT business