July 22, 2024

Boeing plans to deliver people to the moon "the fastest way"

Boeing plans to take people to the moon in the 'fastest possible way'

Aerospace company Boeing has proposed NASA a project of a system of landing people on the lunar surface with a minimum number of stages, without changing rockets and a transition station.

NASA is currently accepting proposals fromprivate space corporations as part of the Artemis lunar landing program, which involves delivering astronauts to the surface of the satellite. The agency plans to use the Orion capsule for this purpose. on the SLS rocket, docked with the lunar orbital station, to which cosmonauts must transfer to go tosurface.

However, Boeing offers to dock immediately with"Orion" to land the crew directly on the surface of the Moon. In addition, the project will allow astronauts to descend and ascend back to the station using one pre-equipped rocket without additional transition stages.

According to the developers of the system, it minimizes the number of stages, which reduces the complexity of the flight and provides the safest and shortest path to the surface of the satellite.

In addition to plans for the development of space bodies, Boeing wants to release a flying premium car.