December 5, 2023

Boeing and Porsche are developing a flying electric car

Boeing and Porsche are developing a flying electric car

Aerospace company Boeing teamed up with automaker Porsche to jointly launch a premium flying car.

The partners agreed to develop a concept andmake a prototype of an electric vehicle with vertical take-off and landing. To this end, a special international team will be formed from the engineers of both companies, which will design and conduct model testing. Most likely, their design will be made in the style of the Porsche brand.

As part of the cooperation agreement,The companies will also conduct research on various aspects of urban air transport, evaluate the potential of this market and possible options for using premium flying cars.

Consortium representatives say they wantoffer a safe and efficient luxury air vehicle. However, they have strong competitors such as Airbus  and Audi, which is already testing its own version of a flying taxi.

In addition, other companies are also working oninnovative transport options of the future. In the spring, Jetpack Aviation announced that it was developing a Speeder jet flying motorcycle that could reach speeds of over 240 km / h.