September 21, 2023

BNBUSD: implementation of the plan

Timeframe: 4H

</strong>As practice has shown, it was not in vain that I dropped the extra crypt - the whole month of BNB, which is based my portfolio fell: Over the month, the loss in value is more than 10% - in strict accordance with the forecast.

Now there is a potential opportunity forgrowth from the so-called. sunset waves. But let me remind you that this pattern is very risky and not very likely, so I won’t advise you to buy it back yet, but I’m slowly looking for entry points myself.

Ideally, re-enter at 210 on the spot from wave [ii].Or, as a backup scenario, wait for the breakdown of 33k bitcoin and enter a serious amount there in BNB, TON and ETH. With leverage, options and futures, I don’t see any entries yet.
BNBUSD: implementation of the plan