April 21, 2024

BNB Chain Launches Education Course for Web3 Developers in Latin America

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BNB Chain Launches Education Course for Web3 Developers in Latin America

BNB Chain, created by crypto exchange Binance, together with Latin American educational platform Platzi, announced the launch of a Web3 development course for the region.

By the end of the year, the course should be available to 30,000 students. BNB Chain Investment Director Gwendolyn Regina said that the course is aimed at developing the skills of developers.

“This will be the main educational resource available in Spanish for Web2 developers to use Web3 using BNB Chain,” she said.

The initiative aims to expandimplementation of blockchain and Web3 in the region. Typically, the biggest barriers to entry into the industry are the lack of access to education, as well as unclear local government regulations. 

Even among those who have already purchased cryptocurrencies, the understanding of how the technology works is often incorrect. Therefore, education is a key factor for the development of the cryptocurrency industry. 

This is even more important in regions such as Latin America, where crypto can empower local populations beyond traditional financial institutions, Regina noted.

To encourage participation in the new course, thosewhoever attends the development camp in Bogota this September will have a chance to receive a scholarship. However, the number of scholarships for the new online course is limited.

Formerly the head of the National Taxation Office andColombian Customs (DIAN) Luis Carlos Reyes said that the country's government plans to launch its own digital currency in the near future.