June 15, 2021

Bloomberg: "Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in capitalization"

Bloomberg: "Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in capitalization"

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) hints at the continuation of the bull market in June this year.

Despite on the fall of the first cryptocurrency by 50% from the April record values, analysts predict the preservation of the upward trajectory. They believe BTC is heading towards the $ 100,000 mark:

Bitcoin is more likely to resume rally towards $ 100,000 resistance rather than falling to $ 20,000

In addition, Bloomberg analysts alsoemphasize the importance of Ether to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, highlighting its prospects to exceed the market cap of Bitcoin. Experts note the possibility of its parabolic growth in the near future.

The experts also point out the imminent emergence of cryptocurrency ETFs in the near future.

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