February 20, 2024

Blog, to a billion dollars through Bitcoin.

Good luck to everyone, thinking about the next task of how to tighten the screws in the strategy, I came to the idea that if it were cloudy,brain synchronization with other participants, the evolution of the world would accelerate a thousandfold.

And then with the thought that today it is already possible, albeit not in such an ideal way, I decided to try to write everything I do on the blog.

A prototype of collective intelligence, and additional motivation.

So today I created my own quiet channel on the telegram @drsombre, posted several posts about what I was doing, and now I decided to start a topic here too, let’s see where I find myself)

I'm not a super cool expert, and I'm also a simple person,mediocre, but I was always very interested in the world of finance, and then in 2017 I got into the crypto world, and I was drawn in... Since then, I have been looking for a point of development in this direction.

Reading my little steps on the blog, I would be very glad to everyone for their advice and points of view, what I am doing wrong and as efficient as possible, especially if you are connected with crypto and algorithmic trading! I need you!:)

I can’t give anything in return, but perhaps you can apply some of my developments to yourself, or just while reading, come across an idea that will help.
P.S. First subscribers in telegram! Hurray, thank you to the only one who is interested
By the way, I will write there in more detail than here, here the most interesting things are only for the viewer’s assessment)