June 6, 2023

Blockstream launches Bitcoin mining pool

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According to a message published on Thursday, 8August, the Canadian company Blockstream launches a pool for mining BTC. Blockstream's data center will serve customers in addition to its own operations. The mining company is supported by the Fidelity Application Technology Center and one of the founders of LinkedIn, Reed Hoffman.

According to Blockstream, the company began itsactivities in 2017 and was “motivated by widespread concern about a decrease in the level of mining decentralization.” According to a Forbes report, the Blockstream data center will account for approximately 7% of the Bitcoin network’s daily hashrate.

Blockstream previously raised $ 90 million frominvestors including Khosla Ventures, AXA Venture Partners, and Reid Hoffman. The company launched a line of products and services, including Liquid, a commercial product, Blockstream Green, a mobile Bitcoin wallet, and a service that allows users to transmit and receive Bitcoin transactions from satellites - Blockstream Satellite.