May 24, 2022

Blockchain Wave will take place in April in Antalya

Blockchain wave in Antalya is a conference in the lounge format for 1000 people with a costume networking after-party at the Mediterranean coast.

Speakers from different regions of the world will speak atin a relaxed atmosphere, and conference participants will be able to find new partners at the exhibition and hold negotiations in convenient networking lounges. After that, the guests of Blockchain Wave will go to a themed costumed after-party, where communication capabilities will move to a new level in the scenery of a specially prepared party. The theme of the show is still kept secret by the organizing committee and will be announced a month before the event.

The forum is organized by the blockchain platform Centex and the Lead Volume agency - experienced online entrepreneurship players.

In addition to local Turkish crypto projects, participation in the conference has already been confirmed by guests from all over the CIS, as well as from several countries in Europe and Britain.

Who is the Blockchain Wave conference for:
blockchain startups, crypto funds, investors, crypto exchanges and exchangers, traders, miners, developers, visionaries and crypto enthusiasts.

The event is planned to be held annually andtraditional for Antalya. The goal of the organizers is to create a communication platform on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for networking and recreation of IT specialists in the field of blockchain technology and crypto currencies.

Antalya is an ideal resort with convenient logisticsfor meetings, negotiations and recreation of conference guests from Europe and Asia. Leaders of innovative projects will be able to share international experience, establish new business contacts, and also have a bright rest, celebrating the deals made at the conference during a memorable thematic after-party!

Time: April 7-9.
A place: Antalya, Rixos Downtown.

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