December 11, 2023

Blockchain in diamond mining and other initiatives using technology

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have attracted increased attention in recent years, andthe solutions created on their basis already solve practical problems. The most interesting recent initiatives are in the traditional ForkLog review.

Everledger Helps Diamond Miners Reduce Carbon Emissions

Everledger, a UK-based blockchain startup, has launched a platform to help the diamond industry reduce its carbon footprint, CoinDesk said.

Blockchain in diamond mining and other initiatives using technology


The solution was launched together with the existing one in andIndia and USA by Shairu &amp; Atit Diamonds. In particular, the platform allows industry participants to purchase carbon credits, which provide the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of another greenhouse gas.

In addition, using the new platform, you canto finance projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by planting new trees, counteracting deforestation, providing access to clean water, and investing in renewable energy.

Platform clients, including Shairu &amp; AtitDiamonds will provide users with real-time data on carbon emissions from production processes, as well as company sustainability reports.

The first users of the platform will be American retailers Fred Meyer and Littman Jewelers.

PwC, Var Group, and Luxochain Introduce Blockchain Platform for Luxury Authentication

One of the largest consulting firms at PwC,RFID solutions provider Temera, blockchain startup Luxochain and Italian IT company Var Group have launched a platform designed to authenticate luxury goods. It is reported by Ledger Insights.

Using the Internet of things and blockchain platform, Virgo is able to track the supply chain of luxury goods from the purchase of industrial raw materials to the sale of goods by retailers.

“Virgo’s goal is to protect the reputation of brands,By creating digital certificates of authenticity and ownership for each product, providing valuable information on value chains and increasing end user loyalty ”“Said David Baldi, CEO of Luxochain.

In particular, the platform allows manufacturers to independently certify consignments using RFID, NFC and blockchain. Companies can also integrate Virgo into existing ERP systems.

Consumers, in turn, will be able to receive various information about the product through a mobile application - information about its origin, materials used, production conditions, etc.

“The certification systems used so far are complex and expensive, and the supplier monitoring system does not meet the growing requirements for supply chain transparency.”, Said Temera CEO Arcangelo D’Onofrio.

Luxochain blockchain solution will enablemanufacturers to create a digital passport of the product and store it on the blockchain. Product owners will be able to store their property certificates in a digital wallet.

The platform uses non-interchangeable tokens of the Ethereum standard ERC-721.

Sony has developed a blockchain system for public transport

Sony Corporation of Japan introduced the platformBCDB (Blockchain Common Database), which uses blockchain in the context of the MaaS (mobility as a service) model and combines access to various modes of transport. This was reported in a press release.

In particular, the MaaS system integrates access totrains, buses, taxis, cars, car sharing and bike rental. The system provides information on the best routes to destinations and recommends appropriate vehicles and services, taking into account, for example, the cost and time of the trip.

For these purposes, BCDB using distributed registry technology exchanges information with various transport operators, payment processors and MaaS providers.

System testing began in 2019 and lasteduntil March 2019. The platform was praised by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, which conducted the Blockchain Challenge program last year.

LG is testing an artificial intelligence-based payment blockchain platform

South Korean giant's IT divisionis testing face recognition technology based on cloud technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain, which allows payments in cryptocurrencies, reports IT Times.

LG CNS tests service capabilities on itsemployees. After user identification, the system provides the ability to automatically pay for digital services and products in a corporate restaurant.

“Blockchain-based currency is expectedThe community will be used by a lot more people. Ease of use is enhanced by artificial intelligence. Recently, technologies have been actively used that exclude direct contact with the client. The blockchain will also be widely involved, increasing the reliability of transactions ”“- LG CNS Business Solutions Development Manager Lee Joon-Won said.

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  • OpenMarket Ukrainian blockchain auction held 26,403 trades in the amount of more than 7 billion hryvnias;
  • The Central Bank of the Netherlands announced its readiness to play a leading role in the development and development of digital currency both domestically and within the euro zone.
  • Ben Elliot, a self-taught artist from Paris, announced the release of tokens on the Stellar blockchain, the value of which depends on the development of his career and the market value of the works.