April 1, 2023

Blockchain education certificates to be issued in Bavaria

The Chamber of Commerce of Munich in Germany plans to issue certificates on education, the authenticity of which can be verified using the blockchain.

Companies will be able to verify the authenticity of certificates of future employees using a special electronic key, which applicants will send to them in a PDF file.

“This will be a huge advantage for bothjob seekers and employers alike. The authenticity of the certificate can be verified in a couple of clicks with the mouse. We can say this is a digital seal of authenticity - “Blockchain, made in Bavaria,” said Judith Gerlach, Minister of Digital Innovation of the country.

She also noted that if certificates ofeducation, issued on the blockchain, confirm their viability, then the school certificates and higher education diplomas will also be transferred to the blockchain.

“Theoretically, blockchain can be used for any document, whether it be a certificate or an agreement. We are going to apply the blockchain for various actions, ”Gerlach emphasized.

Recall that in October, the Bayern Munich football club announced a partnership with Stryking Entertainment to implement a blockchain strategy to encourage fans.