February 26, 2024

Block.One Introduces EOSIO 2.0

Block.One Introduces EOSIO 2.0

Blockchain developer EOS – Block.One company – released a new version of the EOS.io 2.0 software.

INofficial statement published on TwitterOn January 10, it was stated that the update makes the blockchain “faster, simpler, more secure.” It is expected that the new WebAssembly engine (WASM) will speed up the work of smart contracts on the network by 16 times. 

Additionally, the update will support WebAuthn. WebAuthn– This is a verification technology based on public key cryptography standards. The statement states:

After EOSIO starts supporting WebAuthn, developers can begin to test the use of WebAuthn digital signatures in their EOS applications.

According to a statement from Block.One, the blockchain network code has been significantly improved, and multi-threading functionality has also been added. Multithreading – This is the ability of the central processor to execute several processes in parallel, at the same time. The new feature should improve performance when processing transactions, as well as when “packing” and “unpacking” blocks and transactions. 

Moreover, along with the update, a separate system of integrated development environment (IDE) was released, which should greatly facilitate the work of developers.