January 23, 2021

BlackBerry and Intel will fight with hidden miners

BlackBerry and Intel will fight with hidden miners

BlackBerry is working on a solution for the hardware protection of the operating system from hidden mining on firmware level.

BlackBerry has added a new feature to itsEDR platform. Optics is Intel malware detection system. Joint development makes it easy to detect abnormal system behavior, which indicates hidden mining of cryptocurrency on the device.

BlackBerry claims its EDR cryptojack“Practically does not affect the processor” in Windows 10 systems running Optics, which allows “detect and reduce the likelihood of crypto jacking with greater accuracy and consistent results for all types of workloads."

Optics operates on the basis of machine learning, which can adapt to evolving security situations "without human intervention."

The fight against gray miners is getting biggermore relevant every month. Malicious programs can slow down infected machines, increase energy costs and damage equipment.

New strains of malware that captureWindows computers are detected monthly. According to Kaspersky Lab, in the first three months of 2020 alone, the number of crypto attacks on Southeast Asian countries increased by 300%.

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