January 28, 2023

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

"Black Friday" (Black Friday) is traditionally considered a period of huge discounts and mass sales. She annually It is held almost all over the world and falls on the last Friday of November, and in some cases the discount season can cover a few more days before and after this date.

In the countries of the former CIS Black Friday came allsix years ago, and in terms of quality of offers, it is still far behind the West. While most domestic stores offer discounts in the region of 5-10%, in the USA and Europe there are often cases when customers take turns at dawn in order to manage to buy goods several times cheaper.

Black Friday 2019 comes today, November 29th,and since every day the mass adoption of digital money and blockchain technologies is getting closer, various offers have appeared that are also relevant for the cryptocurrency market.

TradingView analytic platform with 40-60% discount

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

TradingView is the most popular platform fortechnical analysis among crypto enthusiasts. This is not just a set of tools and charts, but a whole social network for traders, which is already used by 8 million people. On Black Friday you can get a powerful analytical tool at half the price. True, the offer is relevant only for annual subscriptions.

  • Plan PRO. 40% discount: $ 108 / year instead of $ 179 / year. Saving - 71 $.
  • Plan PRO +. 50% discount: $ 179 / year instead of $ 359 / year. Savings - $ 180.
  • PREMIUM plan. 60% off: $ 289 / year instead of $ 719 / year. Savings - $ 430.

The promotional offer is available here.

30% Ledger Hardware Wallets

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

One of the best hardware wallets this FridayYou can buy a third cheaper. The discount applies to both the Lenger Nano S and the latest Ledger Nano X. Two devices can be purchased at once even more profitably. Delivery is free and will take from 21 to 28 days.

  • Lenger Nano S. 30% off: € 41 instead of € 59. Savings - € 18.
  • Ledger Nano X. 30% off: € 83 instead of € 119. Savings - € 36.
  • Ledger Backup Pack including bothmodels. 30% discount: € 104 instead of € 178. Savings - € 74 (by the way, the money saved will be enough for almost two more Lenger Nano S models or for TradingView's annual PRO-subscription).

The promotional offer is available here.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus with a 83% discount

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

Confidentiality, equipment protection,The preservation of coins is an important priority for crypto enthusiasts. A good antivirus will help ensure all of the above, and one of the best solutions is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. He showed amazing one hundred percent protection according to the test results of the portal Tom’s Guide. According to analysts, the antivirus not only protects against malware and spyware, but also blocks phishing sites and hidden mining (hijack mining).

On the occasion of Black Friday, Newegg provides an opportunity to purchase the program as much as six times cheaper. Install purchased software is allowed on three different devices.

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 3 Device 2020. 83% discount: $ 9.99 instead of $ 59.99. Savings - $ 50.

The promotional offer is available here.

NordVPN at a discount of 41–83%

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

A quality VPN service is a must for anyonewants to achieve maximum privacy or even ensure complete anonymity on the Internet. NordVPN is arguably the best solution on the market that protects devices from snooping and data interception, and also hides the user's true location.

In honor of the Friday sale, you can buy software withcool discount, however, as in the case of TradingView, promotional offers apply only to options with a subscription for a year or more. By purchasing software for three years, you will also receive NordLocker, a new file encryption service, as a gift.

  • NordVPN for 1 year. 41% discount: € 76 instead of € 149. Savings - € 73.
  • NordVPN for 2 years. 58% off: € 109 instead of € 261. Savings - € 152.
  • NordVPN for 3 years. 83% discount: € 114 instead of € 424 + 3 more months for free + as a gift a service for encrypting NordLocker files (regular price is € 284). Total Savings - € 594.

The promotional offer is available here.

Binance: referral bonus, zero commissions and $ 20,000 draw in BNB

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

All the above suggestions allowsave up to 83% on purchases of really high-quality products. However, not only software and hardware wallets are full of crypto enthusiasts this Black Friday. Some exchanges decided to please the supporters of digital money, and the most generous of them was Binance. The trading platform Changpen Zhao immediately prepared four promotional offers, valid until the end of November.

Referral bonus: $ 2 coupon at BNB. For each invited newcomer, users receive a $ 2 equivalent in BNB coupon, which allows them to compensate for exchange commissions. However, there are conditions: everyone can get coupons in the amount of no more than $ 10, and the bonus is accrued only for those attracted users who are purchased with cryptocurrency for $ 100 within seven days through the payment systems Papara or AdvCash. Gift coupons themselves are also not credited immediately, but within 14 days.

Discount up to 100% on commissions when replenishing. All Binance users who buy cryptocurrency through Simplex, Koinal or Flutterwave payment systems significantly save on commissions when replenishing the exchange account. In honor of Black Friday, the fees are much more democratic:

- Simplex. The standard commission is 3.5%. Promotion Commission - 2.5%.

- Koinal. The standard commission is 3.5%. Promotion commission - 0% for deposits over $ 500.

- Flutterwave. Standard fees: bank transfer - 1.4% (but not less than 2000 NGN / about $ 5); local card - 1.4%; international card - 3.8%. Promotional commissions: bank transfer - a fixed commission of 100 NGN (about $ 0.3); local card - 1%, international card - 1%.

A draw of $ 20,000 in BNB for new users. Traders registered during the promotional period receive special lottery tickets for the purchase of cryptocurrencies through Papara or AdvCash payment systems. The exchange charges 1 ticket for every $ 500 spent on the purchase of digital coins, with one user being issued no more than 10 tickets per day. On December 2, Binance will call the numbers of 400 tickets live, the owners of which will receive $ 50 in their account at BNB for each lottery ticket.

Discount on internal commissions up to 75% forBNB holders from the USA. The Americans were more fortunate than the rest. Binance U.S. Exchange Division additionally introduced significant discounts on internal commissions for all users with a balance of 5 BNB or more (about $ 70).

Darknet Offers

Black Friday 2019 with payment in cryptocurrency: Kaspersky, Ledger, VPN

It is noteworthy that Black Friday is not spared and darkens. The sites offer huge discounts on “black” goods. Moreover, in the darknet, the discount season is even more cheerful than in the "white" market.

According to The Independent, a week beforeOn November 29, more than 1,600 posts on "tempting offers" in honor of Black Friday were posted on shadow forums. According to Digital Shadows, with a 30% discount, you can purchase goods for every taste. Moreover, additional bonuses are provided for orders made in cryptocurrency worth more than $ 2000.

According to Europol official information, cryptocurrenciesin 2019, the most commonly used payment medium on the darknet. In terms of popularity, bitcoin takes the “honorable” first place in this list, despite the appearance of Monero and other anonymous coins.

Is this good or bad for the crypto industry -the issue is extremely controversial. On the one hand, this does not create the best reputation for digital money and motivates the authorities to impose various restrictions. On the other hand, it forms a constant demand for digital money, because for the time being darknet is the only market where Bitcoin has fully fixed itself precisely as a means of payment, and not as an investment and trading tool.

Ordinary goods and “discounts” on cryptocurrencies

For participants in the crypto industry - traders,investors and other enthusiasts - created a lot of useful devices and programs that can significantly facilitate their life. It's nice that manufacturers remember their customers and on Black Friday offer them many profitable solutions, for most of which you can pay with cryptocurrency.

Do not forget that during the saleFor digital money, they also buy ordinary popular goods - clothes, household appliances, books, and so on, since in 2019 many retail outlets accept bitcoins for payment. And next year there will be many more such stores.

However, the main "highlight" of the upcomingBlack Friday is nothing but the cryptocurrencies themselves. On the eve of the discount season, bitcoin collapsed to the lowest levels in half a year, losing 50% of the peak values ​​of 2019 and 65% in comparison with the peak of 2017. As always, he pulled other coins as well, so today's cryptocurrency rate is quite can be considered a highlight of Black Friday.

However, there are fears that the bottom is still far away, andBitcoin exchange rate will drop to $ 5500 in the next six months. However, everything can go according to another scenario, because BTC has repeatedly surprised with its unpredictability. Be that as it may, today's price is definitely beneficial for long-term investments - do not forget that generational change is approaching and there is every chance that one day bitcoin will cost a million.