April 1, 2023

Bitstamp waives monthly fees for inactive accounts

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Bitstamp waives monthly fees for inactive accounts

Luxembourg marketplace Bitstamp has abandoned plans to introduce a €10 subscription fee for inactive accounts. The reason was the sharp indignation of the users of the site.

Earlier, the management of the crypto exchange stated
that accounts withassets worth less than $200 and inactive for more than 12 months. It was reported that maintaining such accounts requires funds, so a subscription fee is introduced.

However, the huge amount of negativity that users splashed out on Bitstamp forced the management of the exchange to reconsider their plans.

“We took into account user feedback anddecided to cancel the subscription fee for inactivity. Listening to customers is part of our DNA. Bitstamp's goal remains to build a safe, secure trading platform with the best services, and we have no plans to deviate from that goal,” said Bitstamp CEO JB Graftieaux.

Previously, Bitstamp launched
in the USA a new product for earning on interest rates.