September 26, 2022

Bitriver and BitCluster will jointly increase the efficiency of mining in Russia

Bitriver and BitCluster will jointly increase the efficiency of mining in Russia

BitCluster industrial mining operator andBitriver, the owner of the largest data center in the CIS, will jointly work to increase the efficiency of mining, as well as expand the existing infrastructure for the placement and maintenance of crypto equipment.

As a result of signing the BitCluster agreementreceived the status of the general partner of Bitriver in terms of filling the data center in Bratsk, which will become the main platform for hosting equipment of the company's customers. In addition, the partnership provides for the completion of a new BitRiver site for hosting equipment in Irkutsk with a capacity of 119 MW, the launch of which is scheduled for 2020.

The combination of the two largest market participants will improve the work and increase the efficiency of customers' mining equipment, the level of service and interaction with customers.

According to BitCluster founder Dmitry Kikin,jointly, it will be easier for companies to operate with large capacities, bear risks, ensure minimum electricity prices, negotiate with pools the best conditions and purchase equipment at low cost due to volume.

Partners expect that cooperation will allow them to increase work efficiency, accelerate growth, improve service conditions, taking into account the needs and wishes of customers.

Recall that earlier BitCluster invested $ 7.5 million in the development of a unique product, which has no analogues on the market, and in the purchase of equipment for cryptocurrency mining.