August 8, 2022

BitNile acquires 20,600 miners from Bitmain

BitNile acquires 20,600 miners from Bitmain

Ault Global Holdings subsidiary BitNile has announced plans to purchase and install 20,600 ASIC devices.

BitNile agreed to supply 20,600 bitcoin ASICs -4600 environmentally friendly S19 XP Antminer miners from Bitmain with a computational power of 140 TH / s and 16,000 S19j Pro Antminer models with a computational power of 100 TH / s.

Since the end of November last year BitNile monthlyreceived 300 S19j Pro Antminer models. From March, monthly shipments will increase to 2,300 units. After all ASICs are fully operational, BitNile's production capacity will reach approximately 2.24 exahashes per second.

BitNile plans to put most of the equipment into operation in the data center in Michigan, and install 1,600 S9 Antminer miners in Indiana.

Marathon Digital Holdings is also expanding its capacity. The record volume of 78,000 bitcoin miners will increase the company's capacity by 600%.

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