May 13, 2021

BitMEX announced a change in management of the exchange

BitMEX announced a change in management of the exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX changed its leadership a week after the US authorities opened a criminal case against its creators.

Arthur Hayes is no longer the CEO of BitMEX. Samuel Reed will no longer serve as CTO, and Ben Delo will retire from leadership positions at the 100x Group.

Vivien Hu, head of operations at 100x Group, becomes the interim CEO of the exchange. 100x Group Chairman David Wong said:

These changes mean we can focus on our core business of providing superior trading functions to our client using the BitMEX platform.

October 1 Department of Justice (DOJ) and Commission oncommodity futures trading (CFTC) accused the exchanger of operating without the required license and bypassing the KYC / AML regulations. DOJ has filed criminal charges against Hayes, Case, Reed, and Dwyer for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

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