April 1, 2023

Bitmain presented a super efficient ASIC

The miners' arms race is gaining momentum - the queue for ASICs is scheduled for six months in advance, and large companies prefer to charter privateplanes, so as not to waste time on shipping by sea. The Bitcoin price has already reached its all-time high, while the computational complexity remains below the May values.
Bitmain presented a super efficient ASIC

Image source: bitinfocharts.com

This encourages participants to increaseprocessing power, and manufacturers are working to release more efficient models. The world's largest ASIC supplier Bitmain recently presented the Antminer S19 XP model with a computing power of 140 terahashes and a consumption of 3 kW of electricity. The power efficiency of the new model is 37% higher than that of the top-end S19 Pro, thanks to the use of 5nm chips versus 7nm. This gives an increase in profitability of 25% for the same level of power consumption.
Bitmain presented a super efficient ASIC

Image source: twitter.com/DenisRusinovich

The largest mining companies are public:on the one hand, they reduce their own financial risks through the use of attracted capital; on the other hand, they are forced to constantly update their equipment to maintain their investment attractiveness. This explains the high demand for ASICs and long pre-order queues (in addition to the shortage of semiconductors).

Greenidge will be the first to receive S19 XPGeneration Holdings, Ault Global Holdings and Bitnile, and the cars will not be available to the general public until the summer of 2022. According to the Luxor agency, by the end of next year, Bitmain will release 280 thousand new ASICs, which together will issue ¼ of the current global hash rate.
Bitmain presented a super efficient ASIC

Image Source: Cryptocurrency Exchange StormGain

Due to the high value of the coin, the averagethe profitability of mining from the involved terahash is at the level of three-year highs and is 35 cents per day. Since a major Bitcoin correction is not expected in the near future, we can expect a further escalation of the arms race and the growth of the global hash rate.

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