June 22, 2024

Bitmain Launches Online Map of Mining Farms

Bitmain Launches Online Map of Mining Farms

Leading mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain will introduce a new service called World Digital Mining Map(WDMM) at the World Digital Mining Summit, which will take place in Frankfurt on October 8-10.

The service will provide equipment owners with a so-called map of the locations of mining farms with available resources for equipment placement.

At the summit, the owners of mining farms will be able toapply for inclusion in the WDMM list. To do this, they will need to provide detailed information about their enterprises, including how much capacity they have. Bitmain, in turn, will provide them with personalized services, which include "assistance in the design of a mining farm, access to a database of foreign customers for placement and support in operations."

Matthew Wang, Director of Bitmain Mining, said:

WDMM will help make cryptocurrency mining moresustainable in the long run, providing a platform for communication between mining farms and equipment owners. We strive to provide miners with ongoing support throughout the life of their equipment and support the overall growth of the sector.

Let us recall that earlier this month the first batch of Antminer S17e and T17e equipment was instantly sold out, after which the hashrate of the Bitcoin network reached new record highs.

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