June 16, 2024

Bitmain has applied for an IPO at the SEC

Bitmain has applied for an IPO at the SEC

Chinese mining company Bitmain Technologies has filed an IPO application with the Securities and Exchange Commission andexchanges (SEC).

According to foreign media reports, the German sponsor of the application is Deutsche Bank.

According to Tencent News, in order to increase the chances of the project to succeed, company representatives hired former Nasdaq representative Zheng Hua as a consultant.

According to experts, consideration of the application by the commission will take at least one and a half to two months. The amount that Bitmain plans to collect during the IPO has not been disclosed.

Recall that previously the company has already tried to conduct an IPO for $ 3 billion in Hong Kong, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

As previously reported, this month, Bitmain opened the “largest” mining farm in Rockdale, Texas.

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