November 30, 2023

Bitmain and Canaan will equip miners with 5-nm chips in 2020

Bitmain and Canaan will equip miners with 5-nm chips in 2020

Two of the largest mining hardware manufacturers plan to equip their products with 5nm chips.More recently, the Chinese manufacturer Bitmainproduced the world's first 5-nanometer chip for Bitcoin mining. The devices are currently in the testing stage and could hit the market as early as next year. Canaan also announced its intention to add a powerful component to its equipment in the first quarter of 2020.

TSMC – in the lead

Last January, TaiwaneseChip maker TSMC reported that 7nm (N7) technology has made great strides. The products are in high demand among next generation computer manufacturers, iPhone distributors and Bitcoin miner manufacturers. Thus, TSMC's earnings over the past two quarters have delivered better-than-expected revenue performance. At the same time, TSMC notes huge differences between the 7nm and 5nm processes, the latter will be 15% faster.

Thus, the two largest producersBitcoin miners have announced that their equipment will soon be equipped with 5nm TSMC chips. According to Chinese media, Bitmain Technologies has completed the development of the first 5nm chips for Bitcoin mining. Currently, Bitmain products use TSMC's 7nm process for the latest 2019 versions of Antminer. In October, Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu discussed the possibilities of 5nm technology at the Global Digital Mining Industry Summit in Frankfurt.

Following discussions regarding future installationsASIC in Bitmain, the media reported that Canaan will also launch a 5nm chip in the first quarter of next year. The media has noted the fact that TSMC is ahead of its competitors and will have 5nm (N5) chips in mass production by 2020.

News that Bitmain and Canaan relentlesslyThey are working on the production of mining equipment equipped with next-generation 5nm chips, and show how fast the mining industry is growing. Both companies plan to launch a 5nm model in early 2020, other manufacturers such as Microbt, Innosilicon and Ebang are likely to follow suit.