September 20, 2021

BitJackass Diary Part 3

Hackers are not criminals
hackers are mostly talented guys
and criminals are those who involves them in committing a crime ...

Dmitry Chepchugov, gLava of the Moscow Office "R" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

At the moment, more effortcybercriminals are aimed at taking possession of other people's digital assets in one way or another. Fraudsters go to various tricks, ranging from physical impact, ending with hacker attacks.
If we trust the storage of fiat currency to financial institutions, then the responsibility for the preservation of digital assets lies entirely on our shoulders.
Using online resources or services for storage, you trust your funds to third parties. Consequently, there is a potential loss of cash.
I bring to your attention the sensational stories of hacker attacks:

August 2010: Hacking Bitcoin
Bitcoin users are well aware that the volumecryptocurrency emissions are limited to 21 million BTC. However, in 2010, a hacker found a vulnerability in Bitcoin software that allowed him to create a block with a transaction containing 184 million BTC. However, soon the bug was fixed.

March 2014: Hacking Mt. Gox
Probably one of the darkest spots in historycryptocurrency is a hack to the Mt. Gox, which occurred in 2014, as a result of which $ 473 million in bitcoins was stolen. This incident led to the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox the same year, and lenders still demand their money back.

January 2015: Hacking Bitstamp
Not even a year has passed since the hacking of Mt. Gox, as attacked by another major exchange. At the beginning of 2015, the Bitstamp exchange store was hacked. Hackers became $ 5.1 million in bitcoins. As a result of the investigation, it was found that one of the administrators of the exchange was the victim of a phishing attack.

June 2016: Hacking the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (The DAO)
Vulnerability in The DAO code allowed hackerssteal about $ 50 million in Ethereum. Cryptocurrency developers made a controversial decision and made a hard fork blockchain to return funds to their rightful owners. A group of users decided to keep the original cryptocurrency blockchain, which exists to this day under the name Ethereum Classic.

July 2016: Hack
About a month after hacking the DAO attackundergone a social network on the Steem blockchain. Then 260 user accounts of the network were hacked, and $ 85,000 in Steem and Steem Dollar cryptocurrencies became the prey of hackers.

August 2016: Hack Bitfinex
The summer of 2016 was fruitful for hackers. In August, $ 72 million in bitcoins was stolen from the Bitfinex exchange. It was reported that a vulnerability in multi-signature wallets on Bitfinex allowed the hackers to do this.

July 2017: CoinDash Hack
CoinDash project launch turned out to be interfaced withmajor troubles for organizers and investors. The hacker was able to replace the address to which investors had to send ETH in order to receive project tokens. In this case, the hacker was able to steal about $ 7 million.

July 2017: Hack Parity
In the same month, a hacker discovered a vulnerability inmulti-signature Parity wallets. This allowed him to access the money raised by the Edgeless Casino, Swarm City and aeternity projects during the ICO. The hacker's prey was $ 32 million in Ethereum. The damage from this attack could turn out to be more significant if the group of “white hat" hackers, who, using the same vulnerability, could protect some of the user's funds, didn’t interfere.

July 2017: Veritaseum Hack
2 months after the completion of the ICO, hackersgot access to the Veritaseum wallet and stole $ 8 million. Veritaseum is a cryptocurrency used in the development of software for decentralized trading in capital markets.

August 2017: Hack Enigma
Before the start of the ICO Enigma, hackers were able to getaccess to the site, the group in Slack and the project mailing list and informed investors that they are pre-selling tokens. This allowed them to raise about $ 500,000 in Ethereum.

November 2017: Tether Hack
There’s no complete information about the attack on Tether,however, it is known that hackers were able to break into the company’s storage and steal $ 30.9 million USDT tokens. Tether claims to be able to prevent the stolen tokens from entering the cryptocurrency market.

Regards, BitJackass.