July 21, 2024

Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange launched the Bithumb Family ecosystem and its own blockchain

On November 6, the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb presented a globaldigital financial ecosystem Bithumb Family,whose participants are individuals, organizations and companies operating both in the blockchain industry and in the traditional financial sector. The system runs on its own blockchain, Bithumb Chain, which has a high level of security and speed. The conference was attended by more than 300 guests, including representatives of leading exchanges and largest blockchain projects, institutional investors, as well as famous blockchain enthusiasts.


The presentation was held by Jai Won Tsoi - CEO of Bithumb, Sunny Ang - Director of Marketing and Javier Sim - co-founder and managing director of Bithumb Global.

Key members of the Bithumb Family areSouth Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, global digital asset trading platform Bithumb Global, Singapore trading platform Bithumb SG, custodian service Bithumb Custody, decentralized network for creating box trading DApps Bithumb Chain, decentralized trading platform Bithumb DEX, OTC for institutional investors Bithumb OTC and service company STO.

Bithumb Family functions like moderna metropolis with many vital objects, such as schools, offices, hospitals, sports stadiums. The circulatory system of such a blockchain city is the decentralized network Bithumb Chain. It forms the technological base of the Bithumb Family financial ecosystem, providing free and fast transfer of digital assets between ecosystem participants, significantly contributing to the volume of liquidity.

The platform operates on a new generation protocol, which can significantly reduce operating costs and transaction costs.

Based on the Bithumb Chain, you can useExchange-as-a-Service (EaaS) service. It allows you to create blockchain-based DApps in one click based on the PSP (Profit Sharing Protocol) protocol without the need to launch your blockchain and engage in the entire process of developing solutions, while maintaining autonomy.

In addition, PSP (Profit Sharing Protocol) inAs a transaction protocol, the underlying Bithumb EaaS service allows you to take advantage of additional functions that simplify the operation of trading services: for example, algorithmic matching of transactions, as well as automated calculations and accounting of transactions.

It’s worth recalling that Bithumb Global isThe global division of the leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, which provides the opportunity to trade digital assets to users from any country in the world.

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