December 5, 2023

Bitfury Group announced the opening of a major data center in Norway.

Bitfury Group announced the opening of a major data center in Norway.

An energy-efficient data center will create new jobs and provide tax revenues.

Mu-i-Rana,Norway, March 20, 2018 - Today the Bitfury Group announced the opening of an energy-efficient data center in Norway, which will create about 30 new jobs for local residents.

At the opening of the data center, Bitfury Group CEO Valery Vavilov, Mu-i-Ran Mayor Geir Vaage and several heads of local companies attended.

Vavilov called Norway unusually innovativethe country and the most important area for the growth of blockchain technology. He expressed gratitude to the federal government for creating a favorable tax system that allows companies such as the Bitfury Group to invest in the country.

“Norway is an ideal venue forThe Bitfury Group, which focuses on innovation and growth, ”said Vavilov. “We are ready to establish relationships with new customers and develop products and solutions that will increase the safety and efficiency of enterprises in the country.”

Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Thorbjörn Ryo Isaksen, before the press conference, made a statement to welcome the Bitfury Group in Norway.

“I'm glad that the Bitfury Group decided to build itsa new data center in Mu-i-Ran, ”the minister said. “Data is becoming an increasingly important resource for both the business community and society as a whole, and this represents a significant economic opportunity for Norwegian business. The data center industry is developing rapidly and provides Norway with prospects for economic growth and job creation, ”commented Thorbjørn Rö Isaksen, Minister for Trade and Industry of Norway.

The new data center of Bitfury Group, a world leaderin the market for providing a full range of services in the field of blockchain, it offers services based on the company's unique solutions. The data center is housed in two buildings in the industrial park of Mu-i-Rana, the third largest city in Northern Norway.

The Bitfury Group will invest about NOK 274 million (US $ 35 million) in the data center infrastructure.

Average energy utilization inthe data center does not exceed 1.05, making it one of the most energy efficient in the world. Bitfury Group buys about 350 GWh annually. renewable energy from your local provider Helgeland Kraft. In addition, by receiving certificates of guarantee of origin from local manufacturers, including the Øvre Forsland Prize-winning Hydroelectric Power Station, the company ensures that energy comes from renewable sources.

To support the work of the data center, the Bitfury Group intends to hire about 30 local employees.

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