January 28, 2023

BitForex cryptocurrency exchange metap took place in Moscow

BitForex cryptocurrency exchange metap took place in Moscow

On December 4, a meeting was held in Moscow with representatives of the cryptocurrency industry, traders and strategists. The event was organized by the BitForex exchange.

The aim of the mitap was to acquaint the Russian-speakingcommunity with Bitforex products and services. The cryptocurrency exchange product line was told by BitForex co-founder and development manager Jason Luo. He demonstrated the capabilities of the trading platform by talking about services such as limit orders, a special TURBO platform for conducting initial exchange offers and the BitForex Knight referral system. Luo paid special attention to the new BitForex - a new type of perpetual contract using the cross margin model.

With many years of experience in cryptocurrency tradingSecurities market analyst Dmitry Stetsko and Quant Forge fund manager Pavel Pavchenko shared with the participants of the meeting, who during their speeches spoke about the basics of technical analysis, basic concepts of exchange trading, strategies and psychological traps that novice traders fall into.

Mitap moderator and one of the speakers becameDavid Lolaev, founder of SalAd Lab, an agency for attracting investments and business development, who spoke about the theory of marketing promotion of high-tech projects and the need to build close contact with the community in case of blockchain project promotion.

Although the mitap was planned to be held in a chamber format, the list of registered visitors exceeded 160 people.

The mitap in Moscow was carried out as part of the BitForex global expansion strategy along with similar events in South Korea and Japan.