May 24, 2022

Bitfinex plans to support IEO through a new platform

Bitfinex plans to support IEO through a new platform

The scandalous Bitfinex crypto exchange along with its Ethfinex subsidiary announced the launch of the IEO platform, Tokinex.

According to Ethfinex co-founder WillHarborne, the launch of the first IEO is expected a few days after the launch of the platform. Although Ethfinex is responsible for launching IEO, Bitfinex users will also be able to directly participate in IEO through their accounts.

“We have no trade fees. Instead, we focus on long-term trading volumes, ”Harborne said.

In parallel with the development of Tokinex, Bitfinex also allegedly raised $ 1 billion during a private sale of its own LEO token.

Despite controversy and public criticismBitfinex, Harborne said that they decided to move forward with IEO, because any delay would hinder the progress of other projects. However, he also stated that Tokinex will adhere to strict self-regulation and self-control, especially at a time when they are under close public scrutiny in connection with the NYAG lawsuit.

According to Harborne, all projects presented on the new platform will undergo a thorough selection.

"We must recognize that we are under the scrutiny of the public, and it is inevitable that any IEO that we launch on the platform will also be viewed in the same light."