May 21, 2024

Bitfinex made the largest transaction in the history of bitcoin - $ 1.1 billion with a commission of $ 0.68

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex completed its largest ever transaction in dollar terms this week.Bitcoin history in the amount of 161,500 BTC or about $ 1.1 billion. The transaction fee was only 0.00010019 BTC or $ 0.68, TheCryptoAssociate writes.

The transaction was carried out on the evening of Friday, April 10, and initially it was noticed by a Twitter user under the pseudonym @ KRMA_0.


In a commentary on his entry, Bitfinex and Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino confirmed that his exchange was behind this transaction.


“Yes, we replenished the hot wallet with 15 thousand, the balance was sent to the original address”,&#8212; he wrote back.

This is also confirmed by the blockchain data. Thus, this transaction can be considered the largest in the history of bitcoin, not only in dollar terms, but also in terms of the commission paid.

Recall that in September 2019 on the Bitcoin networkrecorded a transaction in the amount of 94 504 BTC (more than $ 1 billion at the exchange rate at that time). However, then the unknown sender, apparently, decided to play it safe, having paid about $ 700 in the form of a commission.

Less than one dollar feecertainly is another striking example of the superiority of bitcoin over the traditional banking system. A similar transfer, if it had to be sent by bank transfer, would not only take several business days, but would also cost the sender a total of several zeros in the form of commissions. And this is not to mention the need to explain the origin of the funds.

However, as the Forbes columnist andKyle Torpy, Bitcoin Magazibe, the transaction cost may have turned out to be small, but it also had a different price: buying new pants after sending an irreversible transaction for $ 1.1 billion.


Add that 161,500 BTC sent by Bitfinex tolast Friday, really make this transaction the largest to date in dollar terms. However, from the point of view of disposable coins, it is still inferior to 500,000 BTC, which were sent in November 2011. At that time, it was only $ 1.32 million.

I knew history and other larger transactions in bitcoins: 194,993 BTC in November 2013 or 180,000 BTC in March 2014.

Recall that earlier this week Bitfinex was recognized as the most liquid exchange based on the depth of the order book.