June 19, 2024

Bitfinex gang rape

Crypto kitties, looking at the content of the lawsuit against Bitfinex, are indignant. They say the evil lawyers want to press against Finik foreverything from washing and Investment fraud to market manipulation. Yes, and the claim amount is crazy - 1.4 trillion (!!!) dollars.

The funny thing is, all of the items listedregarding Bitfinex, you can probably even prove it. This trash exchange deserves this for a long time. But the essence of the lawsuit is not that. There is an explicit approach to settlement, that is, to a pre-trial agreement or to a settlement in court.

The tactics are simple and clear: "swarm attack." A similar story was made by Scientologists with the IRS, as well as prosecutors from one of the states, when they wanted to put one patient on a muddy proving so that he could not win a major lawsuit against the state police. Who would ruin this very police and massively make all the policies poor.

Heaps of loads of charges from the heapapplicants. Accordingly, ALL of these charges must be repelled. I almost repulsed it - new hyenas will come running, that is, lawyers and re-cook from behind. Then, sensing an interesting attraction, new terpils will come running with new lawyers. He endured a lot with Phenic. This resembles a group whipping at first, when at first it seems like one was tearing a heifer in the bedroom, but the heifer is either not opposed, or drunk in the smoke and still does not fumble - and now the second or third one has gone, and somehow it’s already not good for all the boys to take part . And then they’ll laugh at their own.

Moreover, a loud accusation will forcereact SEC and other commissions like CFTC / NFA and so on. on the subject of “do we fucking click here.” When there is a big batch, the state agency, purely out of decency, must somehow react in a public field. And if the state agency can join the booth and pull the date on large fines (nothing personal, only business) - then the motivation increases. The volume of claims itself is also clearly aimed at creating hype - so what? - right, find new suffered and increase the volume of claims. And the larger the volume, the greater the commission in case of victory in court or at the conclusion of pre-trial and reparations. I would not be surprised if the lawsuit itself was also invested by funds (yes, investing in courts is a developed practice in the USA).

Again, the SEC and NY prosecutors will also be veryclosely monitor the disassembly. They will be very interested to see what Phenicia will say in the proceedings. If they say something wrong or new docks come up, then Phenicia will run to nibble with new force. Fortunately, the case is not closed on it - and you can always open new ones. Again, there you can dig and wash, and market manipulation, and illegal banking operations and investor fraud. The date itself was substituted, no one asked him to arrange such a round dance with hamsters and muddy grandmothers earlier.

Therefore, now Bitfinex, if the lawsuit is not suddenly withdrawn (why?) Will play a survival game. Or, as in the BP case and the Gulf of Mexico accident, witnesses and applicants should begin to disappear.

This explains the plaintive bleating of Bitfinex in one of its latest press releases. The guys clearly knew what awaited them. And they really did not like it.