March 23, 2023

Bitfinex Exchange Adds Lightning Network Support

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange announced that it is adding the ability to deposit and withdraw funds through the Lightning Network from 3 December.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino(Paolo Ardoino) said the company is also working with a development team and RGB to add the Tether and Tether Gold stablecoins to the Lightning Network.

Thanks to the new feature, Bitfinex userswill be able to instantly deposit and withdraw BTC from the exchange. According to Ardonio, Bitfinex sees the great potential of the Lightning network and hopes to promote its popularization among users.

“We believe the Lightning Network could changesituation in the industry, as it contributes to the implementation of P2P micropayments with small fees and provides high bandwidth. Nevertheless, users need more information about the technology, and we want to achieve its more active dissemination, ”said Ardoino.

Recall that in March, the Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange was the first to add support for the Lightning Network, and in June HodlHodl followed suit.