February 22, 2024

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches New Loyalty Program

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches New Loyalty Program

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced the launch of a new loyalty program called Bitfinex Affiliate Program.whose members can earn on attracting new customers.

Access to the program is open to all registeredusers. To take advantage of the offer, you need to log into your account on the trading platform website, go to the “Partners Control Panel” tab, generate a referral code and send it to your friends. Every person who opens a new account on the exchange using the code becomes a member of the referral network. Bitfinex does not allow the code to be shared with relatives and cohabitants.

As a reward, the head of the referral network will receive part of the commission paid by the client he attracted for using Bitfinex services. The size of the award depends on the level of the referral:

  1. 18% of the commission of the referral of the first stage (which is registered by your code);
  2. 6% of the commission of the second stage referral (opened an account using the code of your first stage referral);
  3. 2% of the third-level referral commission (entered the code of your second-level referral).

Every 30 days the amount of the reward will behalve until it reaches 0.5%. If the head of the network or one of its participants passes identification, the exchange will increase the amount of payments by 1.2 times. In the event that one of the referrals in the last 30 days stores at least 500 UNUS SED LEO tokens, Bitfinex increases the size of the reward 1.1 times, 1.2 times for 5000 coins and 1.5 times for 50,000 tokens. In addition, referrals will receive a 6% discount on commission, which will be halved every 30 days, until it drops to 0.5%.

The history of payments for referrals is in the menu“Partners Control Panel”. Bitfinex will transfer the reward in the cryptocurrency with which the commission was paid, with the exception of fiat currencies, UNUS SED LEO coins and virtual currencies, which are prohibited from being used by residents of certain countries. In this case, the exchange converts the assets into Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT).