September 22, 2023

“Bitcoin will grow with gold”

Managing Partner of DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanov on air from Pro Blockchain on 02/21/2020 discusses prospects Bitcoin, Bitfinex issues and cryptocurrency portfolio diversification:

“Forecast for 2020: Bitcoin will grow with gold.”

In the video:

  • 01:10 - About the "whale" on Bitfinex
  • 03:40 - On the return of demand for Ethereum
  • 07:44 - What to expect from bitcoin and altcoins to bitcoin halving
  • 13:40 - Where it is convenient to track the positions of longs and shorts on different exchanges
  • 14:26 - What settings will make working with Bitfinex easier
  • 15:38 - Why Bitfinex can come down and what it will lead to
  • 18:12 - How to get a discount when applying for a sale or purchase on Bitmex
  • 19:54 - Forecast for 2020 for bitcoin: crypt behaves like gold
  • 22:32 - What is the best way to form a cryptocurrency portfolio
  • 24:00 - Why 90% of hedge funds lose indexes for 5 years
  • 26:04 - What cryptocurrencies to pay attention to and how to choose them
  • 28:40 - Viewer question: How do Bitmex consider statistics of longs and shorts, if it is a derivative exchange and longs are always equal or should be equal to shorts?
  • 33:14 - What will happen to cryptocurrencies closer to bitcoin halving
  • 34:30 - Which coins will diversify the crypto portfolio
  • You can watch the video below or directly on our YouTube channel.

    Alexander Butmanov about the prospects of cryptocurrencies and problems of Bitfinex

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