December 11, 2023

Bitcoin wave analysis: prediction come true

Timeframe: 4H

</strong>As expected exactly 2 months ago, Bitcoin is correcting in an upward direction.direction: I always update it here on the 29th, so that you can see the chronology of my successes and failures in this difficult task.

Now, most likely, the wave «b» of (iv) is set or in the process of its development. If (iv) follows the norm of alternation, then “b” in its composition should become larger than wave “a”.

As can be seen from the graph, all options involvefurther decline, possibly immediately from the current values, and possibly through the 30k area. It's too late to actively trade, you just need to put limits in the 14-17k area and buy a stop order for 33k.
Bitcoin wave analysis: prediction come true