January 23, 2021

Bitcoin was illegally mined on the basis of NATO

Bitcoin was illegally mined on the basis of NATO

An employee of the IT department of the Estonian Ministry of Defense was illegally mining bitcoin on computers at the NATO base.

By the Estonian news agencyEesti Ekspress, an expert in computer science Armin Annus was engaged in cryptocurrency mining using state equipment purchased from the country's defense budget, and for 5 years he stole state budget funds. What's more, the illegal miner has turned into a smuggler by purchasing and selling expensive computer parts through online forums.

According to the investigation, Annus stole 190 computer parts purchased with state budget funds and sold some of the parts he had stolen on online platforms, under the pseudonym “armaani”.

IT staff member collected seventeen installations formining cryptocurrency using computers, video cards and other parts belonging to the Ministry of Defense. The total amount stolen from the Ministry is estimated at 48,900 euros. At the same time, mining brought the IT specialist 30 thousand 404 euros. However, the investigation found that Annus spent most of his earnings on electricity.

In November this year, an employee of the air monitoring department of the airfield was sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment on parole for illegal use of state-owned equipment.

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