September 23, 2023

Bitcoin transactions can be carried out without the Internet

Bitcoin transactions can be carried out without the Internet

Venezuelan development team is trying to create a Locha solution that will allow implementation Bitcoin transactions without access to the Internet.

The solution is being developed as part of the Locha project.Mesh, led by member of the Bitcoin Venezuela organization, Randy Brito. Demand for BTC in the Latin American Republic is growing, however, due to the large-scale crisis in Venezuela, interruptions in power supply and Internet connection often began to occur.

The team is developing two devicesTurpial and Harpia, with which anyone can connect to the Bitcoin network through long radio waves. Turpial is a simple version of a radio transmitter that works up to two kilometers away.

Harpia is a radio module that you canconnect to a small computer. Both devices can run on battery power. It is expected that with the help of such devices you can access the BTC network, as well as other platforms, for example, Monero.

According to Randy Brito, use thisequipment not only Venezuelans, but also citizens of other countries who have difficulties accessing the World Wide Web. For example, Iran has already become interested in such a development.

Initially, the team calculated the representative’s decision in the second half of 2020, but due to lack of funding, it is most likely that it will not be possible to complete the work on time.

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