March 31, 2023

Bitcoin Today and the Internet in 1995: Compare Investments

Early adherents, geeks and growing consumer interest. With these words you can characterize bitcoin today as well asThe Internet back in 1995. Having rummaged in Youtube, it is possible to find rather interesting videos of those times when people just started to get acquainted with meager, concerning today's, possibilities of the Internet. For example, here’s an old video that explains the concept of email and the concept of “file download”. Reminds me of the current situation with numerous videos explaining how Bitcoin works, right?

Today's Bitcoin proponents explain concepts like wallets, cold stores, and private keys to ordinary consumers who are less knowledgeable in the technical details.

Let’s now take a look at what positiontoday is Bitcoin regarding the 1995 Internet, in terms of venture capital investments. Pantera Capital Investment Research Director Ron Glantz and Dan Morehead, Executive Director, tried to disclose this topic in their newsletter for investors:

The dynamics of venture investments in Bitcoin is ahead of investments in Internet companies in 1995. Purely for information ... in 1995, companies such as Yahoo !, Amazon and eBay were founded.

We are confident that financing Bitcoin startupswill have a positive impact on the future of the industry. Well-funded startups will create innovative, more effective and interesting ways to use Bitcoin, which in the medium term will accelerate the widespread adoption of Bitcoin.

A few innovative technologies reachmaturity avoiding mass criticism. And Bitcoin is no exception. Bitcoin skeptics today resemble those people who were skeptical of the Internet in the early 90s.

Further, Pantera Capital analysts draw analogies on the technical side:

In the early years of its existence, the Internet wasslow, and there were almost no consumer-friendly programs. A dial-up modem with a speed of 14400 is the current state of Bitcoin. But in the end, the developers built applications that were unimaginable at that time based on the TCP / IP protocol. The same thing is likely to happen with the Bitcoin protocol. We are confident that new applications will make it as useful as other technological innovations become over time.

The authors of the report indicate the fact that the numberBitcoin-related venture projects have grown at least 3 times over the past year. In their opinion, this occurs as a result of the combination of many factors:

  • Bitcoin is built on top of the Internet. If Bitcoin already existed in the 90s, we are sure that it would already be a built-in standard for paying for goods and services online
  • Innovation spreads faster than in the 90s due to the global penetration of Internet accessibility: ideas spread almost instantly
  • Bitcoin directly hits in areas thatnow monopolized. Just as once online brokers with low commissions supplanted telephone brokerage services, Bitcoin will supplant monopolists in many other areas.
  • Banking and financial system that is familiarfor Americans and Europeans, inaccessible to 6 billion people around the world. Bitcoin gives these people an elegant financial instrument, moreover, for almost nothing
  • Bitcoin is very attractive as a tool forstoring value for people in countries with high inflation and devaluation risks - such as Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Everywhere where inflation destroys the value of money, and the government does not allow the population to buy more stable currencies.

Fund analysts believe that the future of Bitcoin will become as significant as the future that awaited the huge clumsy computers of the 90s:

We believe that developers will create applications that we cannot even imagine now.

For reference to our readers:

Pantera Capital is a subsidiary of onefrom the large algorithmic foundations of Wall Street Fortress. About his story and the people behind its origins can be found in an entertaining book by Scott Patterson "Quantums: how math wizards earned billions and nearly brought down the stock market".

Based on materials: insidebitcoins, panteracapital