January 16, 2021

Bitcoin: Surprised. Whether it follows Friday Tuesday the 13th or again about Long.

The obvious but unlikely thing worked.
Black Swan? - Not!
If there are no imbalances, the crowd earns. The crowd under capitalism is a source of resources, not a beneficiary. The crowd must die. In meekness, by the rules. Because the elite decided it was time to change the rules.
However, there is one immutable law - in the absence of rules, the current elite turns into a pumpkin. Moreover, very fast.
It is necessary to quickly identify the culprit outside oneself (force majeure, coronovirus) and set new rules.
Who was nothing will quickly become everything. What will fall the most (if not to zero) will grow the fastest.
What fell, for half, for the nexthalf, most likely will grow by half (from half) if the trend persists. If the trend change, which in the next half, grows by a third, by half from three quarters.
Warning: Showing the second bottom (overflow, with the removal of the stops of shorts, even from the "turtles" led) is required, with a probability of 99%.
To what?:
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow a slight break is possible.
7600+ we will see this month anyway.
Reference number - 6016

Good trading and good luck!

Regards, V.

Who cares about me, don’t worry - in the same position in a long position on average since 5090. I work on a pose constantly.
Stop at night at zero.
In addition to the levels, there is still a time frame. It helps not to get into shit, I recommend it!

I remind you!
I draw up trading plans. Expensive.
No, very expensive.
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