May 15, 2021

Bitcoin: (Not) Money loves counting ...

Dear Sema, like with a sneer, asked here:

NeoVuka, the cue ball went below 53k, does the forecast change?)

I answer:
On the 13th, when everyone was raving about 70K +, I made a forecast for “let's go to 56K”. The result is obvious.
At that time, I could not have an account for lowering the 14th.
Based on impulse 14, the estimated decline range is 55900-52200. We have!
Judging by the current return impulse, May will be in the 67800-74700 range.
Now, when people start raving about 44K-42K, if you want to take at about 52200 with a short stop and possible re-runs, if you want to return in case of a shadow breakout.
The risk of 1-2 re-runs of 3%, the goal is min + 30%, the period is 30-40 days.

Learn to count, dear!
Consider the probability, the size of the pose, and the size of the stop. And you will be happy!)

Regards, V.