January 17, 2021

Bitcoin Millionaire - documentary and bitokin by Asri Bendacha

All big and cheerful - hello. Right now, we live in an amazing time, where every day technology are changing, and the rapid development of digitalassets are no longer surprising. A few years ago, we could not even guess about the emergence of bold ideas, but today we are already using the fresh developments of the most brilliant minds from this world. However, the cryptoindustry itself is far from being as mysterious and dull as it might seem to an ordinary user. On the contrary, fans of the current try in every way to diversify the process of implanting this phenomenon into society.

Today we are once again ready to present you a documentary that tells about Bitcoin, its pitfalls and the possibilities of making money on the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet.

The young director posted his projectdocumentary film, relying to raise as much money as possible to promote his picture to the masses. So let's get to know him from the words of the creator himself.