April 21, 2024

Bitcoin is already changing the daily lives of millions of people around the world

Bitcoin ended 2020 phenomenally with a bull run, demonstrating to many that the $100K target.Towards the end2021 is not an illusion.


When I say today that at the end of 2021the price of the first cryptocurrency will be $ 100,000, some bitcoiners even accuse me of being conservative. Of course, they just want to poke me, but I must say that I also think that at the end of 2021 the price of Bitcoin may even be higher.

Some people find these numbers dizzy and forget that Bitcoin is much more than just a financial investment.Although its price has increased significantly since 2010, from $0.05 to $35,000.At the time of writing, Bitcoin is not about money.

You might be thinking: what am I talking about?

If you've ever bought bitcoin, you might have noticed that your fiat investment grows in value over time.

Therefore, Bitcoin, at first glance,should come down to money, as it is the best investment available, protecting you from the large monetary inflation we are seeing now and which will continue to strengthen over the coming months.

Bitcoin is not an investment, but the best savings technology in the world

First of all, it should be understood that the value of Bitcoin is rising not only because of its extraordinary qualities, but also because of the growing evidence of the weakness of the US dollar.The world's reserve currency continues to lose value, which only reinforces the dollar value of the world's best money, Bitcoin.

However, it's worth stopping seeing it as a financial investment.Bitcoin is first and foremost a savings technology, perhaps even the best savings technology in the world.You are investing fiat money into the Bitcoin network that you want to protect against the devastating effects of inflation.

If you are patient enough, you will get greatreward because your wealth will be protected. It will be protected from monetary inflation, but also from any censorship against you. No one can arbitrarily take away your hard-earned money from you. No one can stop you from using your money the way you see fit.

Thus, Bitcoin gives you power.With it, you can freely send, receive, and store money.The government can't force you to spend your BTC and can'tto steal them from you by devaluing them through inflation.

Westerners find it hard to understand that Bitcoin is primarily about power

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Bitcoin is not about money, but about power.

If you live in the USA, Canada or Europe, youit can be difficult to grasp it right away. You feel like you can use your fiat money whenever you want. You may have already had problems with the bank, as this happens very often, but you tell yourself that there is nothing to worry about.

You wonder why bitcoiners like me say over and over again that bitcoin is changing everyday life.I don't blame you, because in the past, like you, I also had a biased view of the world.

We Westerners are generally privileged.We live in countries with democratic regimes and strong economies. Democracy is not perfect, but we do not face the same risks from our governments as the people of Iran, Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

We have easy access to the banking system.When I talk about the availability of banks, this may seem far-fetched to you.However, hundreds of millions of people living on the African continent are excluded from the current banking system.In the current system, they have no hope.Bitcoin is now their only hope of gaining access to banking services.

Current monetary and financial systemcompletely unfair to most of the world's population. But the influential people at the head of her don't want to do anything to change the situation, because they are among the 1% who benefit the most from it.

Чтобы увидеть невероятное влияние Биткойна, следует посмотреть на развивающиеся страны или страны с авторитарными режимами

If you make an effort to look behindoutside the Western world, you will quickly see that bitcoin is changing the daily lives of millions of people. You’ll come to the same conclusion that I did: Bitcoin is already a Plan A for millions of people.

illustrations: BitNews

Bitcoin protects citizens of Venezuela, Iran, Lebanonand Argentina from the devastating impact of monetary inflation, fueled by wholly incompetent and worst of all, corrupt leaders. Countries where bitcoin changes lives are united by the fact that they are ruled by an authoritarian regime or they are completely corrupt.

Buying bitcoins and becoming their HODLERof last resort, you allow them to become more and more valuable. You are maintaining a positive feedback loop for bitcoin. This attracts more and more users, strengthening the network, which is also used by millions of those who need cryptocurrency in their daily life.

Bitcoin has an extraordinary ability to reconcile individual interests with collective interests.By owning Bitcoin, you're protecting your wealth, but you're also protecting the rarity of the cryptocurrency, which makesit is more valuable and indirectly helps those people in these developing countries who useevery day.

Bitcoin Protects Democracy Movement in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries where Bitcoin has the mostused in everyday life. In October 2020, protests began in Nigeria in response to police brutality. During this period of great unrest in the country, the End SARS movement was born.

The purpose of the movement is to abolish the Special anti-robbery squad(Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS)is a police unit notorious for mistreating people.

The Nigerian authorities quickly shut down the bank account of the feminist coalition behind the movement.By confiscating the organization's funds, the government hopes to put an end to the protests, even if they are peaceful.

To continue their fight for justice, havethis feminist coalition has no choice but to turn to bitcoin. Thanks to the Bitcoin network and the open source BTCPay Server solution, the Democratic movement has been able to raise thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, even tweeted in support of the movement in October 2020 to tell the world about its struggle, which only thanks to Bitcoin could continue.

Bitcoin Helps Hong Kong Citizens Fight for Human Rights

As you know, China has been trying to regain full control of Hong Kong for several years now. Beijing's central government is fighting Hong Kong's human rights organizations.

To continue their struggle for freedom, these organizations turn to Bitcoin one after another.Like the Nigerian feminist coalition, the Hong Kong Free Press was forced to choose BTCPay Server to raise funds in Bitcoin.

Thus, bitcoin helps to maintain freedom.press. Thousands of people can continue to fight without fear that their fiat money will be completely confiscated. A decentralized system like Bitcoin is indispensable for people living under an authoritarian regime.

Activists around the world are turning to Bitcoin to continue funding their activities without fear of censorship from the powerful people they are fighting.Bitcoin is a unique weapon that helps defend freedom around the world.

Mass adoption of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange to begin in Africa


In the coming years, the massive adoption of bitcoin asthe medium of exchange will mainly take place on the African continent. I must go back to Nigeria again as bitcoin is vital to the people in this country. Nigeria is the second largest country in the world after the United States in terms of the volume of direct (P2P) transactions in bitcoin.

The weakness of the local currency - naira - and the difficulty of obtaining US dollars are forcing companies and citizens to rely more and more on bitcoin.

Amid shortage of US dollars in Nigeriacompanies use bitcoin for international payments. Nigerians also see bitcoin as a good way to avoid the weakness of the naira and to protect against inflation of the national currency.

More and more people in Africa are turning to Bitcoin as the best solution for fast and secure international money transfers.In Venezuela and Argentina, thousands of people are opting for Bitcoin to escape the devastating effects of hyperinflation.

All these people need bitcoin to survive day in and day out.

In conclusion

I think it's important to remember all of the above,when you buy bitcoins while in a western country. The Bitcoin revolution is more than just another financial investment. But many people still find it difficult to understand. Constantly talking about numbers, beginners forget aboutthe real value of Bitcoin in building a better world of the future for as many people as possible.

I hope this article helped you understand that Bitcoin is important both for your monetary future and for the future of millions of people around the world for whom it is already "plan A".

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