December 1, 2022

Bitcoin flew lower than “we” expected.

my company in the person of one person, having applied technical analysis, was mistaken once again.
the cue ball struck 8300 and flew away below.Bitcoin flew lower than the "we" expected.

it’s useless to guess anything, it will probably grow, and if I break through, now it turns out that 7132 will be the price.
although perhaps a breakdown is false and worth buying.
Of course, I purely psychologically want the price to rise.
bitcoin i don't have
I insure the risks that the cue ball may fall by stupidly collecting currency and merging all the risk,
and the ruble is also a risk, although less than the whole crypt.

Doing nothing, on the one hand, I won’t get what I could get
and so just get a loss to the growing bitcoin up to $ 150,000.

personally, my recommendations are traditional.
silently observe and type suffer loss from the fact that you do not open neither long nor short.
After all, will I get emotions if the cue ball flies to 7100?
I will also get emotions from the fact that he grows up, and I, like, again made a mistake in the assumption.
we can conclude that it does not work,
we can say that Rudolfich cannot be trusted with money,
but Rudolfich’s position avoided any risks at all.
perhaps such a position is unprofitable, unprofitable in the sense that if Rudolfich stupidly took something, then he will give the same amount,
minus the fact that he saved their number (3200 pe or 50 bucks a month for a meal at least).
only he won’t have any rubles or bitcoin or any promises in the form of bonds that they promise to return something to him,
albeit with a profit, in fact an exchange of money for promises.
insurers will burst, promises will burst, the profit on promises will grow in the moment, and then there will be default and the inability to give credit,
if the stupid ruble has become strong.
and you all risk, ofz some.
live the hope that they will add to you that your pose is winning in the future,
but you don’t have money.
here you are in such a virtual.
There is no money, but you are happy because Doha is growing.

and what to raise money with a decreasing monetary base is not a problem for you,
you just don’t know about it
that according to the animation of banks in rf
from one hundred rubles you can get 10,000!
a hundred times you can give out more non-cash rubles.

it is not surprising that depression crises are already embedded in the system of banks with a partial reserve.
2 errors on that occasion to think about additional fortune telling tools in the form of indicators.
I do not watch them yet.