June 14, 2021

Bitcoin farm Blockstream and Square will use solar power

The Blockstream company, which is engaged in the improvement of bitcoin technology, started working with the payment company of Jack Dopsy Square for the construction of a farm for the extraction of bitcoins at the expense of solar energy.


The aim of this initiative is to show how bitcoin can accelerate the deployment of green energy.

The mining project with the use of reusable energy sources with an open source code will receive from Square an investment in the amount of $ 5 million.

The Information Technology Director of Blockstream Kpis Cook confirms that renewable energy sources are "the most economical energy":

“Together with Square, we hope that it is open andThe project's transparent character will become a model that can borrow other projects. We hope to demonstrate that mining with the help of generated sources is not only possible, but it also proves that it will "guide the world to find the way to go."

The Square team also intends to create a proprietary hardware wallet for storing bitcoins.

At the Bitcoin conference 2021, Dopsy said that if he had not worked in Square or over Twitter, he would have worked over bitcoin.