February 1, 2023

Bitcoin: “Excuse me, I have all the moves recorded ...”)))

Today, Bitcoin on the Kraken showed 6925.
All who need to be scared and confused.
1. "And if, like me I suppose there will be a hike to the level below $ 7.154.00 (estimated to 6754, I don’t see at all in the passage below 6400) "

2. May halving will double the cost of network maintenance (mining), from 3200 to 6400 ...

3. "Bitcoin: the day of the change of the annual paradigm"
The two-year bifurcation point on December 17, I think ± 3 days, that is, 14-20 we get the minimum and the reference value of the average (I think around 7600-7800).

I believe that until February 2020 we will mummify inthe corridor 6650-9013, in May we will make a swing down and go above the annual trend of 2019, which will grow to 16077 by May, which “in classic style” will become a support support.
It's time to build a strategic position in parts if before that it was not there.

Who is interested and too lazy to read me, I build the trends for the next decade of bitcoin on January 12, 2019 from 3661.

Regards, V.