February 22, 2024

Bitcoin: “Excuse me, I have all the moves written down…” )))

Today, Bitcoin on the Kraken showed 6925.
Everyone who needed to be scared and confused.
1. "What if, like meI assume there will be a move to a level below $7,154.00 (estimated to reach 6754, I don’t see a passage below 6400 at all).”

2. The May halving will shift the cost of network maintenance (mining) by half, from 3200 to 6400…

3. "Bitcoin: the day of the annual paradigm shift"
The two-year bifurcation point is December 17, I think ± 3 days, that is, 14-20 we will get the minimum and the reference value of the average (I think around 7600-7800).

I believe that until February 2020 we will mummify inthe corridor 6650-9013, in May we will make a swing down and go above the annual trend of 2019, which will grow to 16077 by May, which “in classic style” will become a support support.
It's time to build a strategic position in parts if you didn't have one before.

Who is interested and too lazy to read me, I build the trends for the next decade of bitcoin on January 12, 2019 from 3661.

Regards, V.