June 11, 2023

Bitcoin exchange rate surpassed $ 6,000; cryptocurrency market moved to growth

Bitcoin exchange rate surpassed $ 6,000; cryptocurrency market moved to growth

The improvement in the global market continues to positively affect the dynamics of the largest cryptocurrencies. Yesterday afternoon, bitcoin exceeded $ 5,500 - this is the maximum coin spurt in the last six days.

BTC was able to even break the $ 5600 mark onsome trading floors. Among the growth factors, observers noted a slight improvement in the situation on the European stock market and the next inclusion of the Tether printing press.

On Thursday evening, March 19, the average Bitcoin exchange rate rose to $ 6,335, which was his biggest achievement since March 12. The capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is now holding slightly above $ 114.405 billion.

On the Bitstamp exchange, the coin dropped below $ 6,200, but so far, trading mainly takes place in the green zone.

In addition to BTC, almost all gain in valuethe largest altcoins. The best results from the top ten were shown by Binance Coin (BNB) and Tezos (XTZ), which jumped 25% to $ 12.3 and $ 1.67, respectively.

The largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) grew by more than 20% to $ 139.9. The cost of all cryptocurrencies is now holding slightly above $ 176.232 billion.

Bitwise Asset CEO Hunter Horsleyemphasized that more than 70% of Coinbase platform customers switched to bitcoin. The expert saw the separation of BTC from the dynamics of the movement of traditional markets, which suggests that investors began to consider the coin as an asset-refuge.

Horsley also noted the positive rolethe approaching halving (reduction in the reward of miners) and the dangerous policies of central banks stamping fiat money, causing inflation. All these factors, according to the analyst, have a great influence on market players and encourage them to increase investment in bitcoin.