January 16, 2021

Bitcoin Empire is a fun game for CRYPTO enthusiasts. A selection of cryptocurrency startups from EXMO

We live in an age of rapid development of digital technologies. And don't be surprised at the appearance of something new that a few years ago seemedimpossible. However, the cryptoindustry itself is far from being as mysterious and dull as it might seem to an ordinary user. On the contrary, fans of the current are trying in every way to diversify the process of implanting this phenomenon into society.

Mafia-style card games for a long timeare popular in large companies. But what will happen if several fans of the cryptoindustry gather in the company at once? You will get an incredible bundle of minds, and in such a team it is simply necessary to identify the best, most talented entrepreneur.

What is an empire? Immediately come to mind whether "Star Wars" plus MMORPG, or that Forgotten school lesson in the history of the ancient world. Someone's laurel wreath - that's more or less everything ... Oh, no, even louder the word "empire" is heard when there are conversations, disputes and debates, Fight, for territory, wars, quarrels and friction.

But in our context, the empire wears something differentmessage. Empire is a power built on the talent of an entrepreneur who skillfully owns crypto assets. This is what Bitcoin Empire is trying to introduce us to. But on top of that, the Bitcoin Empire card game is a great way to spend time with like-minded people while playing. It is enough to get acquainted with the idea and say to yourself - “I want!”.

It is for this reason that we offer youget acquainted with the presentation of the project. Let's see what the authors themselves say about their creation. Throw in like in advance and let's see what the developers themselves said about this project.