February 24, 2021

Bitcoin: Dreams Come True ...

On the 20th he wrote:
“If I were driving the market with an invisible hand, then we would have jumped to 57K + and fixed in range 47K-43.5K, with a reverse output 57+ with a sight to start 67K +. "

I still hope to see 43872, 42956, 42737, but I had to restore the pose at 45K (what if they won't give it below).
I plan to close February 50.5K +
Even the passage to 41.7K does not cancel this scenario.
Colleagues-all-fledged, I think you are being bred.

Of course, like everyone else, I can be wrong ...

Good trade and good luck.

Regards, V.

I remind you.
I make trading plans with support. Expensive.
No. Very expensive.
This year I can take one more slot. Write in a personal.

Regards, V.</strong>