January 28, 2023

Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 released with default generation of bech32 addresses

On November 24, the developers of the most popular client for the Bitcoin Core Bitcoin network announced the release of a new version. BY.

Version is already available for download. It is compatible with Linux kernel, macOS 10.10 (+ newer) and Windows 7 (+ newer) operating systems. Bitcoin Core emphasized that from now on the client does not support macOS versions older than 10.10, but it has not yet added support for a dark theme in macOS.

Version 0.19.0 includes a feature reduce memory, which improves the configuration of the client to run on a device with limited memory.

The developers have added three remote procedure calls (RPC):

  • getbalances - to check confirmed and unconfirmed balances instead of using different RPCs;
  • setwalletflag - to enable or disable the properties of a particular wallet;
  • getblockfilter is an implementation of the BIP158 filter for the specified block using the blockfilterindex configuration.

Among the new features -blockfilterindexproviding filters for the blockchain in accordance with BIP158.

In the new version, the GUI generates default addresses in bech32 format, but the user can manually change the type of address. Also, BIP70 support is disabled by default.

The only known service usingBIP70, is the world's largest cryptocurrency processing BitPay. Many users cannot pay for service invoices because their wallets do not support the protocol, which most service providers have long replaced with the BIP21 scheme.

Recall that back in May, more than 44% of nodes in the Bitcoin network worked on software with critical vulnerability.