June 18, 2024

Bitcoin contributed to the charter capital of the Russian company Artel

Bitcoin was contributed to the authorized capital of the Russian company Artel

Artel LLC became the first Russian company to include Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency in its authorized capital. Economists suggest that the precedent may serve as an impetus to expand the scope of the digital asset in Russia.

The owner of the company, Mikhail Uspensky, said that Artel received 0.1 BTC from the investor as payment for the purchase of 5% of the company's shares.At the time of the transaction, the value of the virtual currency was 60,000 rubles.Uspensky noted that the employees of the Federal Tax Service at first refused to register changes in the authorized capital at the expense ofHowever, the company managed to achieve the recognition of cryptocurrency as property.To solve this problem, three actions were performed:

  1. Veta conducted an expert assessment of the value of the wallet on which the coins were stored;
  2. Artel's specialists drew up an act of acceptance and transfer of the login and password from the crypto storage;
  3. the parties certified the documents with a notary and submitted them to the Federal Tax Service.

The tax office approved the operation from the secondtimes and entered information about the increase in capital into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. According to Veta managing partner Ilya Zharsky, during the appraisal work, the company’s experts, together with representatives of the self-regulatory organization of appraisers “Expert Council” have prepared a list of methodological recommendations for determining the price of a digital asset, which are applicable to all virtual currencies until the Law “On Digital Assets” comes into force.

Specialist of the company “Effective businessresources” Alexander Zhuravlev believes that cryptocurrency can now be used as an investment instrument, since the Federal Tax Service has assigned BTC property status. However, the CEO of the Tokenomica trading platform, Artyom Tolkachev, does not agree with this statement. In his opinion, the tax service did not consider the feasibility of integrating Bitcoin into the authorized capital, but only made the necessary adjustments to the register based on an expert opinion. Therefore, theoretically, any asset can be added to the authorized capital of an enterprise if there is a valuation document.