April 17, 2021

Bitcoin chokes on margin leverage

Despite the colossal and fastest growth in Bitcoin quotes, one of the world's most toxic assets, most of the financial losses are not borne by bears(as most people think), and players with long positions. Bull speculators have lost billions of dollars in recent months despite Bitcoin's rally.

As you know, at the moment when mania reachesits peak, the holiday gives way to a storm, technically this is already happening with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, the bubbles in which are not inferior in strength to the bubble in the US stock market. There are so many people who want to get rich quickly and quickly that most of the players use not only their funds, but also the margin leverage.

Bitcoin chokes on margin leverage

On the graph, we see that the majorityforcibly liquidated positions are long positions of the bulls. Each rollback or correction of Bitcoin provokes a wave of margin calls, but there are so many people who want to “retire at 28-35” that instead of some speculators with leverage, a new crowd of others immediately comes and the crypto and Bitcoin quotes soar up again and all this happens without the participation of bears, which were knocked out last year.

Output:the wave of aggressive speculators coming to the crypto market will soon end and another fall and margin calls will cause a long bear market not only in Bitcoin and crypto, but also in the US stock market.