January 28, 2021

Bitcoin and "MMM". More similarities or differences?

Hey. My name is Leonid Kofman, I am an entrepreneur and a qualified investor with 10 years of experience. Host of the YouTube channel and the Telegram channel about investments "Step by Step Investments".

There is an extraordinary revival in the Bicoin market today.All the so-called crypto enthusiasts and began vying to beat themselves in the chest about how far-sighted they are and how stupid those who invested in stocks instead of cryptocurrencies are.

I would like to ask, iris, where have you all been,when literally a couple of years ago, at the beginning of 2019, bitcoin was lying below $ 4 thousand and was not needed by anyone? We decided to ride the trend - it is reasonable. But why substitute concepts and compare your actions with investing?

For me personally, a person who invested in a crypt isnot even a speculator. The word "speculator" is perhaps even too lofty for him. A speculator who bought shares, if something goes wrong, can sit out in them, receiving dividends and, in general, following the company's business, understand where it is going.

The "investor" in the cue ball just floats with the flowtogether with other poor fellows without managing the process. Such people are more like MMM depositors who are ready to sell their last shirt in the greedy belief that in a couple of days it will turn into a fur coat, or better, an island in the Pacific Ocean. All this was already at the end of 2017, when the price went from the level of almost $ 14 thousand to $ 3500. But we still haven't learned to draw conclusions from Bitcoin's behavior.

It's clear business.To invest in crypto, you do not need to carry out any fundamental analyzes, you do not need to create any portfolios and think about diversifying risks. You don't have to do anything at all. It's like "cook a pot!" from a fairytale. Buy bitcoin with all the money, hold it for a week, and then sell it at a profit and you don't even have to pay taxes, because all transactions are done through gray exchangers.

So is it possible to make money on the cue ball today? Sure you may! Will you be able to make money? The question is for your luck and nothing else.

We are now seeing a strong correction. It may stop at the support level in the region of 32 thousand. If the level does not suit, then with a whistle we will fly up to 24 thousand, and there is a road even lower.

Bitcoin and "MMM". More similarities or differences?

So, before you decide to test yourgood luck for strength, it is worth asking the question, if I sell bitcoin more expensively than I bought, then there is someone who buys it in the hope that they will then sell it even more expensive. What will happen when those who are ready to take the cue ball from you run out and you are left with a set of letters and numbers that nobody needs)). In the meantime, this has not happened "Cut Shura, cut!"

Most recently, I had a video on the YouTube channelabout how I myself earned in 2018 on the crypt and my vision of the situation now. Therefore, with a clear conscience, I can write these lines. And that is why I sincerely believe that those who are now actively "pumping" for speculation on bitcoin are simply pursuing their own personal goals. Be careful!